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 This program is no longer active, however there are other versions of this program in which you may be interested.

How to Use AI to Grow Your Law Practice, 05/16/2024, On Demand More info »

How to Use AI to Grow Your Law Practice

Total Credits: 1 CLE, 1 Ethics

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Law Practice Management & Technology |  Ethics
Doug Brown
Audio and Video



Discover practical AI applications to enhance your law firm's productivity, performance, and profit. This hands-on session will guide you through the latest AI tools to streamline tasks, optimize client communication, and foster team development. You'll learn to implement smart, accessible strategies for immediate improvements in case management and client service, without a steep learning curve. Ideal for attorneys ready to transform their practice through technology and gain a competitive edge. 

In this program, you will: 

  •    Learn to utilize AI to enhance your law firm's operational efficiency and client communication, leading to streamlined processes and improved client engagement. 
  •    Explore how AI can be integrated into your firm’s business practices speeding up routine tasks and optimizing workflow management." 
  •    Gain insights into building effective, AI-driven management and delegation strategies, focusing on increasing productivity without expanding working hours." 

Note: This program will not address the ethical implications of AI tools, nor their use in legal research or the creation of legal work products.

Doug Brown, Summit Success, LLC

About the speaker:
Doug Brown, JD is the Chief Learning Officer at Summit Success, LLC. As an executive coach, law practice consultant, and growth strategist he shares practical strategies to promote sustainable law firm growth and lawyer well-being. An authority implementing positive change, his experience includes private and in-house legal practice and business marketing, sales, human resources, finance, and information technology. He also served as chief executive of the Connecticut Bar Association and chief operating officer for a chain of fine jewelry stores. As Program Chair and Professor in the MBA Program for The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University, he designed and delivered MBA programs in leadership, entrepreneurship, finance, and innovation specifically for experienced executives



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Doug Brown, JD has spent over two decades helping law firm leaders apply proven business principles to generate more sustainable profits in less time and enjoy the freedom they deserve. Doug's experience as a lawyer and entrepreneur gives him the know-how to build resilient teams and successful businesses.

After practicing law for a top mid-sized firm he moved in-house and then into national and global business roles. His hands-on functional expertise includes marketing, business development, sales, human resources, training & development, finance, and information technology. His unique mixture of legal, business and teaching experience enables him to bring fresh, cross-functional perspectives to help lawyers with the business of the law.

He has held a variety of business roles including MBA Program Chair, and Professor for The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business, Executive Director of the Connecticut Bar Association, and Chief Operating Officer of a $30MM retail business. Now he is the Chief Learning Officer and Head Executive Coach for Summit Success International, a professional development firm.



Overall:      4.3

Total Reviews: 23


Charles H

"Very useful information."

John V

"Too much personal marketing and too little substance"

Paul N

"This really didn't explain how to grow a practice using AI. Grammerly has been around forever. My kids us it. Otter.AI is pretty commonplace on people's phone but often more people just use talk to type on Google docs. is okay but very limited in its application. I supposed what I'm saying is that he presented things that have been known for a long time and none of this is truly helpful by today's standards. Would love to have a speaker that grew a firm then show us how."

Chad P

"All the information was really basic. I could have asked chatgpt to tell me how to run my law practice better and it would have been more valuable. "

Cheralee R

"Very organized and a great introduction to AI for lawyers"

Ransom Y

"It was easy to follow and understand"

Dawn M

"Great speaker on this subject"

Daniel T

"interactive and right to the point. AI is kinda like Word, you have to sit down and watch someone use it to really grasp all that it can do for you. This was great for that."

Robert K

"I am not used to Chat so there is more of a learning curve. But I seek the value of it and the seminar"

Ryan T

"Very informative and instructive."