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Ethical Immigration Lawyering in the Modern Era

Total Credits: 3 CLE, 3 Ethics

Average Rating:
Immigration Law
Original Program Date:
Dec 09, 2022


This CLE will cover the following topics related to immigration law and lawyering in general:


· Top tips for client communication

· Ethical Marketing to Grow Your Immigration Law Firm

· Tips for optimized deadline calendaring

· Ways to avoid Bar complaints; specifically, due to Lozada

· Lawyer Wellbeing: ways we abuse ourselves as lawyers and health(ier) alternatives to handle stress


Attending in person? Join us before the program at 8:30 a.m. for coffee, breakfast bites, and networking! 


Need extra motivation to attend in person? One in-person attendee will be randomly selected to go to lunch with the faculty following the program- free of charge!



Hillary Walsh, New Frontier Immigration Law



Breanna Cary, New Frontier Immigration Law

Natalia Polukhtin, Global Practice

Stacy Shuman, State Bar of Arizona

Zaira Solano, Solano Law Firm




Overall:      4.2

Total Reviews: 22


Anthony G

"Speakers were well knowledgeable. They gave good advice and instruction based on their experience. Good information regarding ethical rules and immigration practice. "

Pace R

"Really good tips and resources to implement in my own practice. Thank you!"


"The information was clear and helpful. Thanj you."

Janet E

"All speakers were genuine in their practical experiences which help other lawyers to practice more efficiently and safely."

Marshall W

"Pretty basic. been practicing immigration law for almost 50 years."

Eileen S

"Presenters were good. Handouts were very helpful for those of us who could not attend in person. Great resources!"

Magaly F

"I felt exhausted after the presentation and felt bad for the presenters' clients. The topic was ethics, but the presenters focused on how to make business profitable on the edge of ethics. The presenters run a mill. To hold green card or work permits (client property) hostage until client provides a google review in closing meeting with receptionist, is unethical. But one presenter promotes and follows such action. "

Mary R

"useful info well presented"

Bruno G

"Easy to follow. Not boring or monotone. Interesting material."

Michael F

"The information presented and the materials were very informative."