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CEO and President Sharon Freeman Clevenger MSN, MA, PMHCNS

Indiana Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, PC

Sharon Freeman Clevenger, MSN, MA, PMHCNS-BC, is the CEO of the Indiana Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Sharon Freeman Clevenger is an associate faculty member in Psychology at Indiana/Purdue Universities, and past member of the Executive Board of Directors of the International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy. She is a certified Diplomat and Fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy founded by Aaron T. Beck, M.D., and was a Co-Investigator for the DSM-5® Field Trials. In addition to achieving national certification as an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist with prescriptive authority, she has senior level international certification as an Advanced Practice Certified Addiction Nurse through the International Society of Nurses on Addictions (IntsSNA) and is former president of NAADAC, The Association for Addiction Professionals.

Sharon has lectured to professional and military/law enforcement audiences worldwide. She has authored more than 50 chapters and articles and has been a guest expert on the TV show, The Doctors. She is the co-editor for both the therapist manual and patient handbook of Overcoming Depression: A Cognitive Behavior Approach (Oxford University Press, 2009), senior editor and author of Living and Surviving in Harm’s Way: The Psychological Treatment Manual for Pre-and Post-Deployment of Military Members (Routledge, 2008), Behind the Badge: A Psychological Treatment Handbook for Law Enforcement Officers (Routledge, 2014), and senior editor and author of Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Nursing Practice (Springer Publishers, 2005).

Sharon has a Master’s in Advance Practice Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, and a Masters in Counseling in Psychology.