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Shannon L Clark

Gallagher & Kennedy, PA

is a shareholder, member of the Gallagher & Kennedy board of directors and co-leader of the firm's Plaintiff's Personal Injury & Wrongful Death practice group. For nearly two decades, Shannon has been a tireless advocate for victims of negligent and wrongful conduct throughout Arizona and around the United States. His passionate commitment to the rights of injured or wronged individuals has garnered in excess of $250,000,000 in jury verdicts, arbitration awards, mediation results and negotiated settlements for personal injury, wrongful death and legal and medical malpractice clients. Beyond helping his clients obtain compensation for devastating injuries and personal tragedy, Shannon also assists clients with many of the (often non-legal) details of putting their lives back together and moving forward. From the beginning of his career at Gallagher & Kennedy in 2000, Shannon has been drawn to legal matters that allowed him to advocate for individuals who have been harmed in some way through the fault of others. As a member the firm's highly skilled and successful Plaintiff's Personal Injury and Wrongful Death team, Shannon gained invaluable experience in high-profile cases at the state and national levels. Shannon is deeply committed to his clients, and his effort extends beyond the intricacies of any given lawsuit to champion consumer safety issues for greater social impact. While commanding the fortitude, experience, resources and overall "fire in the belly" needed to take on major manufacturers and institutional defendants, Shannon remains unfailingly sensitive to the human element of each case he handles. He approaches his clients as people first, which makes him broadly effective in understanding his clients' challenges and advocating their causes.