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Ron Epperson

CLP, National Director

Intellectual Property Services Practice of McGladrey

Ron Epperson is the National Director of the Intellectual Property Services Practice of McGladrey, based in Phoenix. Mr. Epperson has over 30 years of corporate and consulting experience, including experience in intellectual property matters such as counterfeiting and piracy, licensing, royalty investigations, valuation, litigation, technology commercialization, joint venture formation, academic technology transfer, intellectual property strategy and strategic planning. He has experience in the biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical, environmental, energy, chemical, software, high technology and aerospace industries as well as with U.S. Government National Laboratories, major research universities and academic medical centers. Mr. Epperson has assisted clients in discovering and capturing value from their legacy intellectual property portfolios and has helped clients develop strategies to commercialize new products, license technologies and redirect research activities towards higher value technologies. He has also worked with counsel and corporate clients in disputes involving patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights and counterfeit products.