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Rick DeBruhl

Rick DeBruhl understands communication. An award-winning network television broadcaster with a master’s degree in Media Management, he has the insight to help any business innovate and grow by improving the way its people communicate. 

Rick spent 31 years at the NBC affiliate in Phoenix as an anchor and reporter. That tenure included managing the station’s consumer advocacy team. He found that often the customer’s problems were the result of poor communication from the company. 

Adding to his diverse background, Rick spent more than 30 years covering auto racing for networks like ESPN, ABC, NBC and Fox. In a world that travels at more than 200 miles per hour, he’s learned that communication is critical. The right information at the right time not only gives teams a chance to win, it also can avoid a disaster where lives are at risk. 

Rick has also managed a communication team for a statewide organization, handling everything from corporate branding to crisis communication. He understands both social and traditional media.  

Rick’s goal is to help people and organizations find their voice and tell their story. Whether it’s employee, investor or customer communication, improving both the message and the delivery can help any company achieve its potential.