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Karl Epps

Epps-Tech Consulting

Karl is a Partner and the Director of Technology Consulting at Epps Forensic Consulting. He began his career in computers in 1996 when he recruited an experienced computer specialist and started a Computer Services division for Epps, Antonishen and Walworth, a CPA firm in Livonia, Michigan.  That division turned a company expense into a profit center within a year by providing computer support services to clients and providing computer consulting services to insurance companies on insurance claims.  In 2003, Karl moved to Arizona and started Epps-Tech Services, providing computer support services for small- to medium-sized businesses in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  In January 2010, Epps-Tech was merged into Epps Forensic Consulting in order to benefit from the larger company.  Karl is now a Director in Epps Forensic Consulting, managing the Tech-Consulting division and provides computer support services for more than 150 small- to medium-sized businesses, insurance claim consulting on computer issues, and Forensic Technology services.


Karl Epps is one of 2,700 computer forensic investigative professionals to achieve the industry standard EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) designation.  Forensic Technology is a rapidly growing area in the field of computers and is applied to investigations, data reconstruction and recovery in insurance claims and data investigations in litigation and criminal cases.


Karl enjoys working out, hiking, biking and generally being outdoors. He is also an amateur chef, specializing in creative spicy dishes and grilled fare.