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Joan Eidinger

Greyhound Network News

Joan Eidinger is Editor & Publisher, Greyhound Network News She was born in New York City, but has lived in Arizona for over 30 years. She worked as an artist until 1992 when she founded Greyhound Network News, an industry watchdog publication that is distributed worldwide. She was instrumental in the passage of the Arizona Humane Treatment Act of 1993 for racing dogs. GNN also was instrumental in many of the grassroots legislative campaigns that led to the banning of dog racing in eight states; exposed the racetrack-to-research connection between the CSU School of Veterinary Medicine and Colorado greyhound racing kennels in 1998, which ended terminal teaching labs at the school. The director of the Arizona Department of Racing appointed Ms. Eidinger to the Greyhound Racing Task Force in 2004.