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Jim Small

Arizona News Service

JIM SMALL is the Arizona News Service editor and oversees all editorial content for Arizona News Service, including the Arizona Capitol Times,, the Yellow Sheet Report and the Arizona Legislative Report. He began covering Arizona politics for Arizona News Service in 2004, when he became the company’s House reporter. In that role, he was responsible for covering the daily goings on in the House of Representatives, as well as the complex state budget process and reports on education, immigration and corrections issues. He won numerous state, regional and national awards for his reporting. In 2010, Jim became editor of the Yellow Sheet Report, the state’s oldest and most prestigious political tip sheet. In 2011, he was named Arizona News Service editor and given oversight of all of the company’s publications. Under his leadership as editor, the Arizona News Service team has been honored with dozens of state and national awards for its reporting. Before coming to Arizona News Service, he covered city government, public safety and business issues for a pair of community weeklies in the West Valley. He is a graduate of Grand Canyon University, and attended Northern Arizona University.