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Jan Dougherty

Jan Dougherty is Family and Community Services Director at Banner Alzheimer’s Institute in Phoenix, Arizona where she is responsible for setting a new standard of care for dementia patients and their families through development and implementation of innovative programs including early stage programming, arts and dementia, and an array of caregiver education programs. She directs the Native American Outreach Program raising awareness about dementia, evaluating culturally sensitive cognitive assessment, brining novel brain health programs, and identifying health disparities among Southwest tribes. Obtaining grant funding of over $3 million, Jan has pioneered unique dementia programs being used in Arizona, nationally and internationally. These programs include Dementia Care Paths and Best Practices for Dementia Care Management; Hospice Care for Dementia; and Palliative Care for Advanced Dementia. These innovations have resulted in major changes in care practices, particularly for persons with advanced dementia.  Jan completed her BSN from Valparaiso University and her MS in Gerontological Nursing from the University of Arizona.