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Hon. Ruggero J. Aldisert

Hon. Ruggero J. Aldisert, a prominent author and teacher, has been a U.S. Circuit Judge for 35 years. He took senior status in 1987, and continues to sit frequently with the Third Circuit and, by designation, with other U.S. Courts of Appeals. His books include Logic for Lawyers: A Guide to Clear Legal Thinking (NITA 1997), a guide to using legal reasoning to persuade judges and juries; Winning on Appeal: Better Briefs and Oral Argument (Second Edition, NITA, 2003), one of the best texts available on the practical aspects of presenting an appeal; the leading treatise, The Judicial Process (1996), now in its second edition; and the leading text on opinion writing for judges, Opinion Writing (1990). Judge Aldisert was adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh Law School for 20 years and was a longtime seminar leader for newly selected U.S. Circuit Judges and State Supreme Court Justices.