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Emily Vance

EMILY VANCE, Ph.D., is a long time educator of young children and future teachers. Throughout her career she worked with high-risk and socio-economically challenged young children within the Tucson community. After retiring from education she returned to the University of Arizona in 2004 to pursue her doctoral studies in Education focusing on conflict resolution with young children. She also minored in architecture with an emphasis on "Sustainability and School Environments." While engaged in her doctoral studies, Emily’s 90 year old father noticed that she appeared to be less enthusiastic and upbeat. He suggested she try taking a Laughter Yoga Class. Recently, a Laughter Yoga leader had come to his independent living community and conducted a class which he thoroughly enjoyed. Emily investigated and found Laughter Yoga a way to increase levity in her life during the stressful time of preparing for her doctoral dissertation. After her first class she immediately felt the results of well being and stress reduction. She continued practicing Laughter Yoga twice weekly. In 2011 Emily traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico to become a certified Laughter Yoga Instructor and Trainer studying with Dr. Madan Kataria from Mumbai, India. Dr. Kataria and his wife Maduri, a yoga instructor co-created Laughter Yoga. Since that time Emily has worked with corporate groups throughout the United States, China and Europe. Presently she shares the joy of laughter and healing with a variety of audiences from preschoolers and retirement communities to cancer survivors at the University of Arizona Cancer Center North. Emily has also co-chaired the organization of Tucson’s World Laughter Day for the past three years.