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Ella Callow


University of California, Berkeley

Ella Callow currently directs the Office of Disability Access & Compliance for the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to this, she was a consultant for the federal Department of Justice, Civil Rights Sector, acting as a litigation expert around issues of civil and disability rights involving state actors. Ms. Callow served for 12 years as Legal Director for the National Center on Parents with Disabilities and their Families, a federally funded research, policy and legislative program located at the Ed Roberts Campus. Ms. Callow has covered the topics of disability rights, particularly the intersection of disability/indigenous nations, and the parenting rights of persons with disabilities, among other issues, in federal reports, peer-reviewed academic articles, and book chapters. She has hosted State Department visits comprised of stakeholders from nations including Mongolia, Mexico, Georgia and Kazakhstan, organized and keynoted national and international disability rights and scientific conferences, participated in White House panels, addressed Congress, and successfully participated in multiple state legislative efforts. She has created the only training and support programs for use by Tribal Nations on disability and family rights; products centered on how to create culturally relevant and common sense policies and procedures supportive of disabled people in traditional communities. She has allied with attorneys and their clients in hundreds of cases involving the human and civil rights of people with disabilities and their children both in the U.S. and abroad.