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Dr. Abhishiek Sharma

Atlas Neurosurgery & Spine

Dr. Abhishiek Sharma.  Medicine is, first and foremost, about trust: trust in the patient-doctor relationship, trust in the healthcare system and trust in the hands and mind of the surgeon to help the patient make the right decision.  Dr. Sharma’s pursuit of a Neurosurgical career has been one of dedication, perseverance and commitment.  Growing up in an Engineering household, most tasks were about calculation, precision and execution.  For the longest time, he was convinced that he was destined to be an Electrical Engineer. He likes to think that he is an electrical engineer on a biological scale; after all, the functioning of neuronal pathways is not all that different than that of an electrical circuit. It is that same attention to precision and details that has shaped his career as a Neurosurgeon.  He believes that the most important part of healing is the patient-physician relationship. It is a partnership in which both individuals are equally responsible for the outcome. He encourages all his patients to learn about their ailments, potential treatments and outcomes and then decide which avenue to pursue together. He believes that the patient’s contributions outside the operating room are just as important as his surgical skills in the operating room. He believes that the biggest strength in this journey is the patient-physician relationship.  When not working, he enjoys cooking, hiking and playing tennis and hockey. As a Phoenix transplant, he likes to spend time with his wife, parents, brother and German Shepherd, while exploring new past-times and everything else that Arizona has to offer.