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Bernard Chao

Hugo Analytics

Bernard Chao is a co-founder and principal of Hugo Analytics, which helps litigators gain insights about their cases using crowdsourcing.  Hugo Analytics provides both custom consulting services available through ( and a less expensive off the shelf service available at

Bernard is also a professor at the University of Denver Law School and chair of the law school’s Hughes Committee, which supports faculty conducting empirical research.  Chao was a patent litigator in Silicon Valley and served as a Special Master in the largest multidistrict patent litigation in U.S. history, In Re Katz Interactive Call Processing Technology.  As a researcher, Chao studies patent and privacy law and conducts experiments on legal decision-making.  This research cuts across several additional subject areas and has touched upon damages, the 4th Amendment, evidentiary rules, and jury instructions. Several of Chao’s works have been cited in briefs to the Supreme Court (e.g. Apple v. Samsung, Life Technologies v. Promega) and have been published or discussed in The Recorder, Nature, Forbes, California Law Review.