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What Constitutes Adequate Service of Process For DCS/Family Cases For Parents Domiciled and Living Outside the US?

Total Credits: 1.0 CLE

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Family Law |  Juvenile Law
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Apr 28, 2022


In custody cases, both private and public (e.g., Arizona Department of Child Safety-involved dependency actions), what service of process does federal and state law require when a parent is domiciled, and lives, in another country? You may be surprised to learn that The Hague Service Convention, a federal treaty, requires litigants to take specific actions at specific times when suing non-US-national persons living in other countries, and if these actions are not taken, service is not complete; Arizona State law reflects substantially the same requirements. In this 60-minute CLE, you will learn these rules and procedures, including:

  • The Hague Service Contention
  • Applicable rules from the Arizona Civil Rules of Procedure, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedures, and Arizona Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court.
  • Relevant federal and state case law describing service-of-process requirements.

Brian Molitor, Southern Arizona Law PLLC & Cochise County Legal Defender
Lauri Owen, Law Office of Lauri J. Owen PLLC