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The Transformative Approach to Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Total Credits: 1.5 CLE, 1.5 Ethics

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Alternative Dispute Resolution
Professor Robert Baruch Bush
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Feb 16, 2023
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Presented by the State Bar of Arizona's Alternative Dispute Resolution Section


This informative and engaging program presents the “transformative model” of mediation that has gained considerable attention in recent years. This program will explain how this model of practice is unique in three ways: its interactional (rather than transactional) view of conflict; its profound commitment to party self-determination and agency; and its explicit linking of practice to a set of underlying beliefs about human beings. All three “dimensions” of the transformative model will be discussed in the program. A few of the many aspects of the program explore transforming weakness to empowerment, becoming deliberate rather than reactive, and moving from antipathy to empathy. 

Professor Bush’s scholarship and teaching focuses on mediation and alternative dispute resolution. He is one of the originators of the “Transformative Approach” to mediation, as explained in his best-selling book, The Promise of Mediation (1994, 2d ed. 2005), co-authored with Dr. Joseph Folger and translated into six languages. Bush has practiced, taught and written about mediation for over 40 years, authoring five books and more than thirty articles/chapters on mediation and ADR. His latest article is “Hiding in Plain Sight: Mediation and the Value of Human Agency.”  In 2017, Bush received (together with co-author and colleague Joseph Folger), the Association of Conflict Resolution’s “William Kreidler Award for Distinguished Service to the field of Conflict Resolution.”

Robert A. Baruch Bush, Rains Distinguished Professor of Alternative Dispute Resolution at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University and Co-Founder and Board Member of the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation




Overall:      4

Total Reviews: 29


Andrew E

"Very technical. Wonder about how practical."

Philip H

"I prefer the problem-solving approach. Nonetheless, the presentation was informative."

Caryl M

"This has been the most informative lecture/course. I did transformative mediation with the municipal courts during law school, and intend to get back into in upon retirement from public service. In wanting to start reviewing and preparing for that I opted for this course. Now I wish I had been able to attend the live version. "

John L

"A good discussion but devoid of practical examples, at times seemed begrudging of information lest the substance of articles and courses be revealed."

Lance M

"The presentation materials were good. This is not a negative,"

Susan W

"Prof. Bush presents an interesting approach. The subject matter and questions could have been addressed in an hour."

Julie N

"Very interesting and informative"

Peter S

"Professor Bush makes some excellent points about the dynamics and psychology of mediation. He makes an argument (unknowingly) for the importance of procedural fairness. But I take strong issue with the notion that there is a "higher purpose" to mediation than settlement. People pay me to settle their cases and get them out of litigation - not to make them better communicators. I don't think it's ethical to perform a service for which I'm not engaged. "

John G

"Good to Excellent. "

Lawrence F

"interesting to learn of this approach from the master"