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The Neuro and Behavioral Science of Trauma: How to Work with It in Your Life and Clients' Cases

Total Credits: 3.0 CLE, 3.0 Ethics

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Law Practice Management & Technology |  Modest Means Foundations of Justice Series |  Stress or Substance Abuse
Original Program Date:
Feb 16, 2022


In this 3-hour presentation Dr. Butler will present on the neurological and physiological foundations and pathways of trauma and the behavioral outcomes. Dr. Butler will provide information on how trauma specifically impacts attorneys personally as well as professionally. And finally, will describe ways to work with your own trauma and to modify your practice to conform to best practices in trauma-informed work.

Attendees will learn:

  • To describe how and why exposure to trauma impacts the brain.
  • Identify ACES and describe how adverse childhood experiences impact people's behavior.
  • Describe specific changes to make to their practices to work more effectively with clients who have trauma histories.
  • Identify at least three ways to reduce their own sympathetic nervous system responses in their professional work.

Chris Groninger, Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education


Dr. Kolette Butler, Verdant Hope Therapy & Evaluations, LLC