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The Intersection of Dependencies and Family Court

Total Credits: 1.5 CLE

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Juvenile Law
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Mar 02, 2023
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Presented by the State Bar of Arizona Juvenile Law Section


In this program, you will learn what constitutes a Dependency. Further, you will receive practical tips and on when the process in dismissing a Dependency in Juvenile Court and having the case opened in Family Court, what the Judges, Attorneys, and Parties need to know during this process. You will also learn about what happens when a Dependency arises out of an existing Family Court case, and the process for staying the Family Court matter while the Dependency case proceeds in Juvenile Court. 

Nicholas Boca
, Partner, Cantor Law Group
Hon. Lori Bustamante, Superior Court Judge, Maricopa County
Hon. Bruce Cohen, Superior Court Judge, Maricopa County 




Overall:      4.6

Total Reviews: 25


Holly M


Veronika B

"Because there are so many parents caught up in the Dependency system. Some do not even recognize that if they could simply get away from the children's father, they could get their children returned. I particularly enjoyed what Nicholas Boca and the Hon. Lori Bustamante said: For TDMs, advise your clients to not argue with the Case Manager/Social Worker ... Save the arguments for trial or hearings: N. Roca. Hon. Bustamante: I like to give the non-remediated parent an opport. to stay child's life"

Erin J

"This was a great refresher for me as I work in dependency and family court. I was able to get new ideas."

Jennifer T

"Very well structured, very comprehensive coverage."

Richard W

"a very helpful, clear presentation on a very confusing but crucial topic to lawyers working family/dependency cases."

Heidi P

"very informative"

Bryson J

"Fantastic practical application of the substantive law. Loved hearing from both judges and a lawyer practitioner - such good perspectives. Hugely helpful area where two types of law crossover often."

Angela W

"speakers were great but information was not as helpful as I had hope."

Dawn W

"The materials were fine, but not something I'll likely refer to again."

Deborah L

"I was taking more for the overview of family court intersecting....too basic since I handle dependency matters."