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Special Needs Trusts: The Basics and Convergence with Government Assistance, Inheritance, Disability Benefits, Estate Planning

Total Credits: 3.0 CLE

Average Rating:
Probate & Estate Planning |  Mental Health and Elder Law
Original Program Date:
Feb 04, 2022


You may have learned about Special Needs Trusts before, but there is so  much more to know and understand.  Learn how to analyze whether a Special Needs Trust is the best option, or is there a better alternative?  Every probate, elder law and estate planning attorney should be able to spot issues relating to the impact an inheritance, personal injury settlement or receipt of funds might have on a person receiving certain government assistance.  
 Topics include:

  • Introduction to public benefits and SNT’s
  • Discussion of first and tthird-partySNT’s
  • Alternatives to SNTs, such as ABLE accounts, alternative insurance and trigger trusts
  • Handling personal injury settlements for people on public benefits
  • Planning for an inheritance for a disabled loved one
Megan Trog, DeConcini McDonald Yetwin & Lacy PC
Bridget A O'Brien Swartz, Dyer Bregman & Ferris PLLC
Emily Taylor, Taylor & Lihn, PLLC




Overall:      4.5

Total Reviews: 20


Craig C


Michael C

"it is a very dry subject, and they were knowledgeable, but it was pretty boring."

Carmen C

"a lot of interesting information"

Guadalupe I

"Both presenters were extremely well prepared and presented the material in a clear and concise manner."

James F

"Informative and to the point just wish it was more practice oriented rather than general overview. Would have liked some example language acceptable to various agencies to modify as necessary to serve special needs clients. "

Harry H

"This was an excellent seminar for a person, such as me, who has no background in Special Needs Trusts or government benefits for special needs individuals. The speakers did an excellent job."

Joseph B

"The presenters were knowledgeable and personable."

Gregory R

"Informative "

Marolyn V

"A course I was somewhat familiar with since I have a Special Needs set up for my son."