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Special Action Litigation

Total Credits: 1.0 CLE

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Appellate Practice & Advocacy
Original Program Date:
Sep 28, 2022


“Special actions” are, as the name suggests, a unique form of appellate proceeding.  Whether and when to file a petition for special action depends on a number of factors including the procedural posture of the case, the ruling at issue, and the vulnerability of the interests at stake. This CLE explains the ins and outs of special action proceedings.  Join a group of judges and appellate litigators for a discussion of the ins and outs of special actions, including an examination of the relevant rules and procedures, the life cycle of a special action proceeding, and tips for increasing the chances a court will accept discretionary special action jurisdiction in your case.  Panelists include a judge on the Arizona Court of Appeals, a former Maricopa County Attorney’s Office appeals bureau chief and frequent special action filer, and a contributor to the Arizona Appellate Handbook chapter on special actions.

Judge Angela K. Paton, Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One
Judge Amanda M. Parker, Maricopa County Superior Court
Eric Fraser, Partner, Osborn Maledon PA
Jillian Francis, Assistant Attorney General, Arizona Attorney General’s Office