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(Showing) Word Enlightenment - Mastering Microsoft Word for Law Offices- REPLAY

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Law Practice Management & Technology |  Skills
7 Hours
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Previously recorded on July 20, 2022. Please note, this recording will only be available to access for 30 days past the scheduled date.
When legal instruments require complex formatting, most Word users struggle to get the document to look the way they want. Users often describe it as a "wrestling match" or having to "outsmart the program." Some advanced features like automatic paragraph numbering, tables of contents, and tables of authority seem inaccessible or broken. Because legal users require so much of Word, they often feel frustrated by it.
The good news is that once you understand how Word works, it is completely controllable. If you can think of something you wish Word could do when it comes to generating complicated or lengthy documents, it probably can. Further, all of the "what happened to this document?" issues can be avoided before they occur. If you're sick of the struggle, this class is designed by a lawyer for legal users to master and control Word. If you're an occasional word processor and don't deal with formatting more complicated than bold, italic or underline, then this probably isn't your class. If you've been through the battles and have experience with Word in the trenches, then this class will make a big difference for you.

Barron K. Henley, Affinity Consulting Group




Overall:      4.9

Total Reviews: 15


Jenna M

"Good material and relevant especially as firms go paperless and become less dependent on staff to prepare docs. I wish there was a pause feature or a go back button as keeping up in some sections was tricky."

Ellen D

"Long, but I learned things"

Patrick D

"Very helpful."

Jason S

"I wish there was more on Macros In a Notice of Appearance autofilling the clients name once"

Michael V

"Unusual topic but so helpful"

Michelle M

"This seminar was life changing. OMG. I never knew how wrong I was using Word and I consider myself generally pretty tech savvy. "

Richard M

"I learned a lot, very helpful."

Kenneth B

"Made a very complicated process at least potentially doable. Created a comfortable level of confidence."

Joy H

"awesome presentation! "

Robert B

"He obviously knows and is excited about the topic"