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Set Aside, Restore, and Seal - Arizona's pathway to restoring civil rights, setting aside convictions, and sealing records after a criminal conviction.

Total Credits: 1.50 CLE, 0.00 Ethics

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Criminal Litigation
1 Hour 26 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Feb 14, 2023
Co-Sponsored by:
Presented by the State Bar of Arizona's Criminal Justice Section


There is growing interest in helping people recover from the long-lasting effects of a criminal conviction. Arizona has several statutes that provide a pathway to restoring civil rights. There have been several recent changes as well as a completely new statute that provides for sealing the records in certain cases. This CLE provides information on the different processes available to those with criminal convictions in Arizona courts.

This CLE will give you the latest information on the current state of the law, as well as pending changes, and the way the various statutes are being applied. 

Topics will include: 

  1. Setting aside convictions, including the new Certificate of Second Chance, ARS § 13-905, 
  2. Restoring civil rights after a conviction, including automatic restoration of certain non-firearms rights and restoring firearms rights, § § 13-906, 13-907, 13-908, 13-909, and

Sealing of arrest, conviction, and sentencing records, ARS § 13-911

Joey Hamby – 
Criminal Justice Executive Committee, DM Cantor 
Desiree Kerfoot 
– Criminal Justice Executive Committee, Assistant Arizona Attorney General     
Liana Garcia- Director, Government Affairs, Arizona Supreme Court
Nathan Wade- Deputy Public Defender, Pinal County
Steven Scharboneau Jr. - Legislative Advocate, Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Attorney, Stone Rose Law Firm
Commissioner William Wingard- Maricopa County Superior Court