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Overcoming Perfectionism in the Legal Profession

Total Credits: 1.25 CLE

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Stress or Substance Abuse
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Apr 28, 2021


Perfection is one of the most pervasive challenges holding lawyers back – in fact 90 percent of people struggle with some form of perfectionism. We too often believe that if we achieve perfection, we will also achieve happiness and success -whether it be in our professional life, personal life, or in ourselves. This belief is holding us back. Symptoms of perfectionism include procrastination, control, people-pleasing, unrealistic expectations, conflict avoidance, feeling stuck, imposter syndrome, all-or-nothing thinking, anxiety, comparison, and stress. In Overcoming Perfectionism, you will learn how to take your energy toward perfectionism and turn it to success. You will learn about the two types of perfectionism, how perfectionism patterns impact your leadership abilities, and the bold moves to take to break free from it. Attendees will leave feeling more empowered than ever before and will have the tools to help them overcome perfectionism and build their confidence.

Roberta Tepper, State Bar of Arizona

Vitale Buford, The Imperfectionist