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Out With the Old, In With the New: The Fourth Annual Family Law Immersion Course

Total Credits: 3.0 CLE, 3.0 Family Law Specialization

Average Rating:
Family Law
Original Program Date:
Aug 25, 2022


This year, the appellate courts have shown an unusual willingness to question the
“old” way of thinking. Join the Honorable Greg Sakall, the Honorable Bruce Cohen and attorneys Keith Berkshire and Kathleen McCarthy for a deep dive into the adventure with a three-hour interactive and intensive seminar. It will be jam packed with the latest in analysis, insight, practical tips, and suggestions for innovative approaches featuring:

  • Decision making and parenting time presumptions after Smith and Gunter.
  • Evidentiary sanctions and specific therapeutic treatment orders in parenting cases (Kelly and Jorgenson).
  • Jurisdictional issues (Greenbank, Hubert and Margain).
  • The domestic violence presumption and legal decision making (Olesen).
  • Substantial change of circumstances standards (Backstrand).
  • Paternity presumptions after McQuillen, Johnson, Cox-Ponce and Doherty.
  • Expanded community property rights, including accrued vacation pay and business valuation issues (Andrews, Meister, Larchik).
  • The scary world of appeals in the aftermath of Yee and Blos/Hopkins.
  • Legislative and Rule changes including SB1383 (the kitchen sink), HB2604 (OOPS) and SB1653 (harassment).
  • And so much more, including agreement drafting tips, updates on Femiano and Saba; and the ever changing world of Rule 69 Agreements (Ertl).
Kathleen McCarthy, The McCarthy Law Firm*
Honorable Bruce R. Cohen, Maricopa County Superior Court, Family Court Presiding Judge 
Honorable Greg Sakall, Pima County Superior Court
Keith Berkshire, Berkshire Law Office PLLC
* Also presenting as a Panelist




Overall:      4.5

Total Reviews: 22


Erika C

"The subject matter is so important to our practice and those that taught the material are amazing."

Anne B

"Quality of material presented by very knowledgeable professionals. "

Caitlin A

"great material and presenterd "

Shannon L

"It was very imformative"

John L

"Always excellent!"

Thea G

"This seminar was a great review of new family law cases and caselaw."

John K

"Good, but more discussion on current issues"

Pamela M

"Covers many essential subject matter for spousal support and property awarded in judgments. "