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Making an Appellate Record (Virtual Course)

Total Credits: 3 CLE

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Appellate Practice & Advocacy
2 Hours 48 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Mar 06, 2023


What is involved in making a good appellate record? If you are a trial attorney—civil or criminal—you cannot afford to miss this seminar. Experienced faculty will cover the important issues to consider in making an appellate record necessary to vindicate your clients’ rights on appeal.

Topics will include:

o    Identifying what constitutes the record on appeal
o    Deciding if, when, and how to preserve an issue for appeal by making oral or written objections to aperceived error or an offer of proof for evidence denied admission, or requesting curative instructions
o    Demonstrating prejudice from perceived trial court errors
o    Determining when objections must be renewed to preserve an issue for appeal
o    Determining whether an issue can be raised on appeal or must be raised immediately by special action
o    Addressing the trial judge’s role in preserving an issue for appeal
o    Addressing on appeal the failure to preserve and issue for appeal

Hon. Randall Howe, Arizona Court of Appeals - Division One

Hon. Kathryn Hackett King, Supreme Court of Arizona
Hon. Randall H. Warner, Maricopa County Superior Court in Arizona
Hon. David D. Weinzweig, Arizona Court of Appeals
Nicholas D. Acedo, Struck Love Bojanowski & Acedo PLC
Eric Fraser, Osborn Maledon PA
Eileen GilBride, Jones Skelton & Hochuli PLC 

Relevant State Bar Publication: Arizona Appellate Handbook 2.0, Vol. 1 (2020).