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Logic, Argumentation, and Persuasion Series Part 2: Is That a Fact?

Total Credits: 1.0 CLE, 1.0 Ethics

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Apr 12, 2022


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Classical logic is built upon premises that are presumed to be true, but what exactly is “true” and how does it differ from fact?  A recent Pew Survey revealed that 64% of knowledgeable, savvy Americans could not distinguish properly between five factual statements and five opinion statements; the unknowledgeable, unsavvy Americans fared far worse.  In this fascinating program, Part 2 of Logic, Argumentation, Persuasion, we’ll examine the differences between facts, inferences, beliefs, opinions, and norms.  We’ll use this information to help you construct more convincing, logical arguments and enhance your credibility in litigation and transactional practice, as well as in casual conversations.  

We’ll also consider:

  • How “social facts” influence individual behavior;
  • How “norms” differ from “values”;
  • Whether “facts” are always reliable evidence; and
  • How data differs from information.
Lenné Espenschied, 
Next Level Contracts

Speaker Bio
Lenné Espenschied has earned her status as one of the two most popular contract drafting speakers in the U.S. by continually striving for excellence and providing innovative, practical skills-based training for transactional lawyers.  She practiced law in Atlanta, Georgia for 25 years, focusing on corporate and transactional representation of technology-based businesses.  She is the author of two books published by the American Bar Association:  Contract Drafting:  Powerful Prose in Transactional Practice (ABA Fundamentals, 3rd Ed. 2019) and The Grammar and Writing Handbook for Lawyers (ABA Fundamentals, 2011).  After graduating from the University of Georgia School of Law magna cum laude, Ms. Espenschied began her legal practice at the firm now known as Eversheds Sutherland; she also served as Senior Counsel in the legal department of Bank of America before eventually opening her own law office.  As a law professor, Ms. Espenschied taught commercial law, contracts, and contract drafting.  Her passion is helping lawyers acquire the skills they need to be successful in transactional practice.  




Overall:      4.8

Total Reviews: 4


Melody R

"great simple slides that supported the well-presented lesson"

Frank W

"Speaker did an excellent job in presenting the tools to construct logical arguments in support of our cases. Presented a basis to differentiate facts, opinions, norms, values and beliefs etc. "