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Intro to Arizona Property Tax – County Assessor, State Board & Arizona Tax Court

Total Credits: 3.5 CLE

Average Rating:
Administrative Law |  Real Property |  Tax Law
Original Program Date:
Jan 19, 2023


This program will cover the following topics:

  • Intro to Arizona Property Tax -Regulatory Appeal Process & Timeline - Assessor and State Board 
  • Overview of various Arizona Statutory Property Valuations – Shopping Centers, Golf Courses, Agricultural properties, & others 
  • Developer Perspectives
  • Venue Choices – State Board Hearing vs. Arizona Tax Court – Process, Procedure and Timing
  • Arizona Tax Court New Tax Court Judge – Thoughts from the Bench 
Jodi Bain, The Bain Law Firm, P.L.L.C.
Hon. Sara Agne, Arizona Tax Court
Dr. Dan Swango, CRE Emeritus;  Realtor Emeritus Retired: SRA, MAI
Jodi Bain, The Bain Law Firm PLLC
Melissa Lal, Larsen Baker, LLC
George Larsen,
 Larsen Baker, LLC




Overall:      4.2

Total Reviews: 22


Jessica S

"great overall"

Brody A

"Great perspectives from folks with different backgrounds. "

Keri S

"The last two speakers went into way more information than I was expecting relative to an overview of these issues."

Michael G

"The real estate valuation material should be expanded to several hours, to really get something out of it, or eliminated. It added little here. Property tax is an oddity to lawyers since most of the "law" involves valuation. For Bar CLE, I would emphasize the law and procedural aspects more. Also, I didn't hear anything on how adjusting full cash value affects limited value and why getting a big reduction in full cash value may get you zero tax savings. Also, nothing on illegal tax appeals."

John H

"My answers reflect my opinion of the excellent quality of the presentation."

James F

"All speakers were knowledgeable. Especially liked George Larsen's details and case summaries"

Alisa R

"The presenters were long-winded and did not concisely explain."