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In Pursuit of a Fair and Impartial Jury: Peremptory Challenge Changes

Total Credits: 1.5 CLE

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Criminal Litigation |  Trial Practice |  Public Lawyers
Original Program Date:
Jun 27, 2022


The United States and most state governments allow two types of peremptory challenges in jury selection. As of January 2022, the Arizona Supreme Court amended the Rules of Criminal Procedure and Rules of Civil Procedure. Arizona no longer allows a party to use any peremptory challenges and will only allow strikes for cause. This is a dramatic shift in jury selection. This seminar explains that shift and how the parties can adjust their strategies and thinking to pick a fair and impartial jury.

What You’ll Learn:
1. The Rules changes that no longer allow peremptory challenges and why the Rules changed
2. How the changes will affect jury selection from the judicial and litigation perspectives
3. How to select a jury in this new environment

Presented by:
Public Lawyers Section & Criminal Justice Section

Hon. James Blake, Scottsdale City Court
Stacey Good, Mesa City Prosecutors Office
Elizabeth Miller, University of Arizona Office of the General Counsel
Jessica Thomas, Government Relations Officer, Arizona State Retirement System

Lance Broberg, Tiffany & Bosco PA
Hon. Pamela Gates, Maricopa County Superior Court
Nicholas Klingerman, Section Chief Counsel, Arizona Attorney General’s Office
Karen Lisko, Ph.D.