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I'm Being Sued for WHAT? Debt Collection and the Pitfalls of Community Property

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Creditor/Debtor Law |  Family Law


Arizona is one of only eight states with community property, but it affects proceedings in every state and Federal court here in ways that are unique to Arizona.  The overlay of community property presents interesting legal issues in many areas of law, and often times comes to light years later when a bill collector comes calling.  This course will cover some of the common areas that practicing attorneys need to know the most.  


In addition to a review of community property basics and discussion of current cases, this CLE will also cover:


  • Family Law – Dealing with Your Client’s Assets and Debts: Annie Rolfe, Rolfe Hinderaker, PLLC
  • Businesses and Estate Planning – Some Ideas from Drafters: Nathan Hannah, DeConcini McDonald
  • Collections – A View from the Creditor’s Perspective: Members of the Arizona Creditor Bar Association
  • Bankruptcy – A View from the Debtor’s Perspective: Steve Cox, Waterfall Economidis