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Get Organized! Fight the Paper – Organize your Digital Matter File!

Total Credits: 1.0 CLE, 1.0 Ethics

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Get Focused Bundle!
Ethics |  Law Practice Management & Technology |  Skills
Original Program Date:
Jun 23, 2022


Part 4:
To efficiently process daily tasks & emails, you must be organized! In modern times, that means you must have a digital matter/case file that is complete and organized. In other words, to find answers to questions and to solve problems for clients, we must be able to efficiently find answers and information. Emails can’t be stuck in users’ inboxes. Some documents can’t be in one place, and other documents in another place. Moreover, we also need effective and secure remote access when working from the road or home. In this seminar, learn how to create that near 100% complete paperless file and how best to properly secure client documents and information!
Paul J. Unger, Partner, Affinity Consulting Group
Who is Paul J. Unger?
Paul is a national speaker and author. He coaches lawyers how to be more efficient with time management by offering customized workshops. When he isn’t speaking or writing, he is usually performing technology assessments throughout the United States and Canada. Paul began his career working for the Governor of Ohio, and then went on to law school. He practiced law for six years, specializing in litigation and bankruptcy, before starting a legal technology consulting company with partner Barron Henley in 2000.
Paul’s superpowers are cleaning up messes and turning digital chaos into well-organized machines. His favorite part of his job is helping people get organized and focused so they can find more enjoyment in their lives and jobs.




Overall:      4.6

Total Reviews: 16


Michelle M

"Good overall ideas. Not all aspects were applicable for me."

Katherine K

"Of the series, this part was the weakest. The others had so many more ideas. But still found the series very helpful overall - really enjoyed it. "

Cynthia M

"Really useful and practical information that brought me up to date on data management tech. Materials are informative and precise, and his presentation well focused."

Daniel N

"Very useful practical guide to modern filing system"