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Get Focused! Time & Distraction Management + Digital Detox

Total Credits: 1.0 CLE, 1.0 Ethics

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Get Focused Bundle!
Ethics |  Law Practice Management & Technology |  Skills
Original Program Date:
Jun 02, 2022


Part 1:
Professionals today are constantly distracted by technology, connectivity, and information overload. These physical and digital distractions cause very smart people to underperform and contribute to anxiety, sleep disorders, and depression. Furthermore, the impact of the pandemic has many experts concerned about our mental health. In this interactive session, you will learn how to build healthy boundaries with technology, how to better unplug/disconnect when working from home and take back control of technology instead of it owning you. We will teach you distraction management techniques and a practical time management methodology that enables you regain control of your day. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and focus on how to use Microsoft Outlook and other tools that your organization uses.
Paul J. Unger, Partner, Affinity Consulting Group
Who is Paul J. Unger?
Paul is a national speaker and author. He coaches lawyers how to be more efficient with time management by offering customized workshops. When he isn’t speaking or writing, he is usually performing technology assessments throughout the United States and Canada. Paul began his career working for the Governor of Ohio, and then went on to law school. He practiced law for six years, specializing in litigation and bankruptcy, before starting a legal technology consulting company with partner Barron Henley in 2000.
Paul’s superpowers are cleaning up messes and turning digital chaos into well-organized machines. His favorite part of his job is helping people get organized and focused so they can find more enjoyment in their lives and jobs.




Overall:      4.5

Total Reviews: 13


Derek W

"Important topic -- well presented. Very applicable to all practice areas. Paul did a great job."

Daniel N

"He seemed very competent in the materials and was easy to understand"

Barry U

"Great advice, presented in an easy-to-understand (and implement) manner"

Karen B

"Helpful but not all recommendations are realistic as many offices expect constant monitoring of and responses to emails and TEAMS messages."

David M

"This information is very much needed in our profession. "