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Family Law Firsts Series Part 1: The Rules, Procedures and Discovery

Total Credits: 1.75 CLE

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Family Law |  Modest Means Foundations of Justice Series
1 Hour 46 Minutes
Audio Only
Original Program Date:
Jul 01, 2021


Family Law Firsts Series: Part 1 - Essentials of Procedure and Discovery

This introductory series is designed as a resource for new family law practitioners.  The Honorable Bruce R. Cohen, Maricopa County Superior Court and Nicholas J. Brown, The Cavanagh Law Firm PA, will provide practical guidance on The Rules of Family Law Procedure related to Disclosure and Discovery.

Topics for this session will include:

  • Mandatory disclosures under Rules 49 and 91 (what are you required to disclose, how, and when) and drafting disclosure statements; and
  • A brief overview of basic discovery methods (Subpoenas Duces Tecum, Depositions, Interrogatories, Requests for Admissions, and Requests for Production) and a detailed discussion of how to utilize certain discovery methods to your advantage (and how to know when not to use certain methods)

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