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Ethics and Hidden Greed

Total Credits: 2 CLE, 2 Ethics

Average Rating:
Bruce A Cranner |  Robert G Docters
2 Hours
Audio and Video



How do we protect ourselves and our clients from the unethical behaviors of others? How can you detect greed? And why doesn’t intuition serve as the best guide for detecting unethical strategies?  

Rob Docters and Bruce Cranner will help you navigate these treacherous waters, connect foundational ethical principles to gritty real-world cases and offer the building blocks and counter-strategies you need to fight greed. The most potent tools in their arsenal include: 

  • Detailing how greed has evolved and why it succeeds today.   
  • Learning how trust really works, rather than how we think it works.  
  • Developing the skill of trusting with discernment.  
  • Applying, and being able to communicate, concrete, ethical rules. 

ETHICS AND HIDDEN GREED may change your view of what is greedy and how greed impacts you and your practice.  

ROB DOCTERS is Partner at Abbey Road, LLP, and leads their ethics practice. He is a former Senior Partner, Ernst & Young Canada; a former Lecturer in Management, Yale University School of Management; and led BCG’s Asia/Pacific pricing practice, based in Singapore. He is a member of the New York Bar.  

BRUCE CRANNER is Partner at Milling Benson Woodward L.L.P..  He has a very active trial, appellate and mediation practice in medical liability, professional liability and insurance/general casualty litigation, architects and engineers’ liability; recreational products liability, medical products liability, long-term care litigation and commercial and bankruptcy matters and Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance Consulting and defense of claims. 

Registration includes a printed copy of the book: "Ethics and Hidden Greed: Your Defense Against Unethical Strategies and Violations of Trust" written by Rob Docters and Hans Gieskes ($30 value).  Books will be mailed following the webinar.




Overall:      4.3

Total Reviews: 52


David S

"There were relevant current examples of issues spoken about that were provided which I found useful."

Melinda G

"The speakers had a great rapport and the examples were pertinent and relatable. Minus one point for the misinformation and opinion vs facts about electronic vehicles. "

Misty L

"Layout is methodical. Content is balanced well (not too much or too little information) per slide. Great historical context"

Kenneth B

"Outstanding analysis of ethics in the context of law, morality and economics -- very unique"

Michael C

"Well done. Easy to follow."

Stephen B

"The presenters were very thoughtful about and informed of the subject matter."

Steven R

"Relevant and interesting"

Mark D

"They bring to light perspectives and materials that are very relevant and helpful."

Michael P

"Well, the materials presented were pretty scant. But, I'm looking forward to receipt of the book by one of the authors. That should be very interesting!"

Norman J

"I thought both presenters were very good, and they presented a nice contrast in style. Mr. Docters was more professorial, while Mr. Cranner was more down to earth and practical. They worked well together. And the topic was interesting, esp. compared to many ethics courses."