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Emerging Issues in Construction Litigation: How Will Arizona Courts Address Developing Trends? (4/5/19)

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Construction Law


  1. An Absurd Result? SK Builders Holds Arizona's Prompt Pay Act Does Not Apply to Work Performed Outside 30-Day Billing Cycle
  2. Actual Incorporation of Materials: Required Under Arizona Lien Law?
  3. Assessing the Accrual of Breach of Design Claims
  4. Oops! My Text is a Contract?
  5. Assessment of Liquidated Damages
  6. Avoiding Enforcement of "No Damage for Delay" Clauses
  7. Allocating Design Risks in the Context of a Design-Build Project
  8. Recovering Eichley Damages on Arizona Projects?
  9. What Work Triggers Limitations Period of a Little Miller Act Payment bond?
  10. Trends in CGL Coverage for Defective Work
  11. Ethics and Professionalism: Emerging Issues in Arbitration
  12. Ethical Considerations in Successive Client Representations
  13. The Owner's Implied Duty to Cooperate