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COVID Business Interruption Case Update & Valuing Commercial Loss Claims in the Wake of the Pandemic

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Business & Commercial Law |  Insurance
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Nov 08, 2021


COVID Business Interruption Case Update
Webinar attendees will learn from Laura Gregory, an experienced property & casualty insurance coverage and bad faith attorney with Sloane and Walsh LLP:
            • Background regarding Business Interruption Coverages (3 minutes)
            • Contrasting business interruption coverage before and after COVID-19. (5 minutes)
            • COVID-19 Business Interruption Lawsuits (20 minutes)
                        ○ Appellate decisions to date.
                        ○ Pending cases.
                        ○ Key areas of dispute relating to insurance contracts.
                        ○ Nature and factors in decisions favoring each side.
                        ○ Arguments made by insurer’s counsel and policyholder counsel.
Valuing Commercial Loss Claims in the Wake of the Pandemic:
Valuing commercial loss claims arising over the next several years will involve addressing how the COVID-19 pandemic affects the plaintiff’s recovery.  Both pandemic-induced shifts in consumer and corporate behaviors and the varied nature of economic and financial impacts can diminish or increase the value of a claim depending on the industry in which it originates, the timing of the causes of action, and their compatibility with standard commercial loss valuation methods.  The parties to litigation and insurance claims will undoubtedly develop theories casting the pandemic’s influence, whether adverse or favorable, to their best advantage.
Webinar attendees will learn from a forensic economic expert with Roux’s Economic & Complex Analytics practice: 
            • Ways that the COVID-19 pandemic complicates the simplifying assumptions of accepted commercial loss valuation methods. (8 minutes)
            • Unique considerations for valuing the commercial property damage claims arising from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. (7 minutes) 
            • Ways that the COVID-19 pandemic may complicate valuation of future commercial loss claims. (10 minutes)
Counsel will leave prepared to evaluate the appropriateness of valuations by asking questions that can uncover whether and how the parties are addressing the pandemic’s influences.
Aaron Hall, Miller Pitt Feldman & McAnally PC

Laura Gregory, Sloane and Walsh LLP
Ryan Stifter, MS, Principal, Roux




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