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Burial and Cremation Arrangements in Arizona – How We Can Help Our Clients Post-Ghostley

Total Credits: 1 CLE, 1.0 Estate & Trust Law Specialization

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Probate & Estate Planning
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Nov 01, 2022


Join us for an engaging discussion about what we can do to help our clients make sure that their final wishes are followed. Courts and practitioners often face questions from grieving families about who has the authority to make decisions about the final arrangements of a loved one. While Arizona Revised Statutes section 36-831(A) provides guidance about who has priority to make decisions, what happens when people of equal standing cannot agree what should be done? In a 2020 Arizona case, In the Matter of the Remains of James David Ghostley 248 Ariz. 112, 458 P.3d 116 (App. 2020) the Arizona Court of Appeals made a determination about who had authority to make final arrangements and what kind of arrangements those should be. The Court also considered how the decision about what a decedent’s arrangements should be made. This program will feature a case law summary and provide ideas about how we can help our clients avoid disputes over final arrangements.

Elizabeth Noble Rollings Friman, Fleming & Curti PLC
Lauren R. Talkington, Snell & Wilmer LLP




Overall:      4.6

Total Reviews: 15


Bradley H


May G

"Presenters were very knowledgeable."

Kathie G

"Didn't discuss the widely varying practices of mortuaries and those that refuse to follow written appointments of who is to have authority to make decisions. e.g. continuing to insist on further signatures of next of kin."

Susan W

"Succinct and to the point "

Marolyn V

"Received Updated Information that I can include for my clients"

Elaine C

"Clear information and stayed on topic"