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Braving the Storm: Dealing with Opposing Counsel and the Court

Total Credits: 3 CLE, 3 Ethics

Average Rating:
Ethics |  Litigation |  Trial Practice
Original Program Date:
Dec 08, 2022


This seminar provides a real-world discussion with the bench and the bar on handling difficult ethical issues with the court, opposing counsel, and others. Topics will include:

 · Discovery disputes
 · How to handle inadvertent disclosures
 · Dealing with false statements made by the lawyer or client
 · Considerations when making statements to third persons about your case
 · Dealing with unprofessional counsel
 · Handling disputes with the court
 · Dealing with difficult clients and proper withdrawal procedures

Steve Little, Bar Counsel, State Bar of Arizona

Hon. Lacey Stover Gard, Pinal County Superior Court
Nancy Greenlee, Attorney and Counselor at Law
Craig Henley, Senior Bar Counsel, State Bar of Arizona
Michael G. Kelley, Esq., Thomas Rubin & Kelley PC




Overall:      4.4

Total Reviews: 50


Jose L

"informative and good topics"

Kristin M

"It was not what I expected from the title but had very good information from knowledgeable presenters. the sound also cut in and out a few times on the recording and there was some microphone bumping that was distracting. "

David C

"Just my opinion"

Larry D

"Very informative on issues that seem to appear frequently"

Dale S

"These are seasoned practitioners who've been around the block. Good gouge. I'd give it 4.5."

Victoria G


Mark P

"Boring "

Brian C

"It was very thorough."

Byron B

"The presenters knew the subject matter well and provided some helpful information. "

Zubin K

"It was informative. "