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Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls

Total Credits: 3 CLE, 3 Ethics

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Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Feb 22, 2023



Our experienced ethics panelists will cover topics such as:

Attorney competence;    • Best practices to evaluate and avoid conflicts;
    • Duties to former clients;
    • Guidelines for representing organizations and businesses;
    • What to do if your client has diminished capacity;
    • How to ethically terminate a representation;
    • How long to retain client files;
    • The duty of candor to the tribunal; 
    • When you can speak to someone represented by counsel;
    • When and how to report professional misconduct;
    • The things most likely to get you a bar complaint;

And more! Attend in person for the chance to compete for prizes!

Sarah Epperson, Ethics Counsel, State Bar of Arizona

Craig Henley, Senior Bar Counsel, State Bar of Arizona 
Bradley, Staff BarCounsel, State Bar of Arizona 
Patricia A. Sallen, Ethics at Law PLLC
Donald Wilson, Broening Oberg Woods & Wilson PC

Program is also available as webcast, please click link below to be directed to webcast registration:





Overall:      4.6

Total Reviews: 106


Bedford D

"All speakers were prepared, knowledgeable, and to the point."

Laurel H

"Overall, this was a good program. For some reason, my screen froze but the audio continued, so I wasn't able to read the questions and answers pictured. It would have been helpful if the speakers would always read the text of the answers, instead of just saying, "The answer is B and D.""

Jon M

"i like the interactive quiz "

Nancy K

"Interesting, thorough."

Keith B

"Nice mix of details and big picture overview. "

John H

"good details; practical application of ERs to real life attorney situations."

Jessica P

"I found the seminar very informative. "

William B

"Comprehensive knowledge of the presenters; great hypotheticals."

Chelsea W

"Great format, panel gave clear opinions and examples."

Lauren W

"The presenters covered relevant and practical information in a clear and helpful way."