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Arizona First Women in the Judiciary: The Impact of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Justice Lorna Lockwood

Total Credits: 1.5 CLE, 1.5 Ethics

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Sep 30, 2021


“It’s fine to be the first, but you don’t want to be the last.” — Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, 2003

Most people know that in 1981 Justice O’Connor became the first woman appointed to the United States Supreme Court but not as many people know that in 1965 Justice Lorna Lockwood became the first woman in any state to serve as Chief Justice of a state Supreme Court.  A panel of former clerks, a family member, and the immediate past president of the American Bar Association will discuss Justice O’Connor and Justice Lockwood’s impact on women in the law, their work ethic, mentoring and their approach to the law.  
Justice Ruth McGregor (ret) – former clerk for Justice O’Connor
Judge Roslyn Silver, Senior United States District Judge, former clerk for Justice Lockwood
Caitlin Day Watters, Rusing Lopez & Lizardi, family member of Justice O’Connor

Trish Refo, Snell & Wilmer, Immediate past president American Bar Association

Sandra Day O’Connor Institute For American Democracy, Arizona Supreme Court Commission on Diversity, Equality, and Justice and Arizona Women Lawyers Association




Overall:      4.7

Total Reviews: 48


Christopher S

"I thought it was a good presentation, but not excellent."

Anita R

"Relevant to me as a female attorney"

Jason M

"Very informative"

Michelle E

"The documents provides further detailed information not given through the seminar to review throughout and later."

Phoebe H

"Just loved the personal connection of all of the speakers to Justice O'Connor & Lockwood & the stories they all shared."

Maria L

"Very interesting content!"

Henry E

"Discussion was great and incorporated information from the handout materials."

Andrew E

"I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and the material conveyed. "

Perla F

"Enjoyed the panel and the content covered."

Mary B

"presentation was fast enough that it made it difficult to take notes."