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Arizona Juvenile Delinquency Practice Manual, 2018

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Arizona CLE Books |  Juvenile Law
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126 pages
Authors: Colleen A. Engineer; Jennifer A. Ceppetelli; Logan S. Mussman
The usual introduction to juvenile delinquency law is all about statutes and rules; but that doesn’t explain how to practice law in juvenile court. New lawyers come into Arizona’s juvenile justice system steeped in theory, but without an understanding of the dynamics of the practice of juvenile law concepts.
The practicing juvenile law attorneys, who wrote this manual, touch on the practical aspects of juvenile delinquency processes ― 

  • pre-adjudication 
  • mental competency process 
  • transfer hearings 
  • disposition and record destruction 
  • detention 
  • motion practice 
  • adjudications 
  • restitution 
  • sex offender case issues 
  • DUI 
  • how to defend a delinquency case
  • juvenile appeals
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