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ARIZONA EMPLOYMENT LAW HANDBOOK, TWO-VOLUME SET (VOL. 1, 3rd Ed. 2017 and VOL. 2, 2nd Ed. 2007 w/2014 SUPP.)

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Arizona CLE Books |  Employment & Labor Law
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Volume One, 3rd Edition 2017

Volume Two, 2nd Edition 2007 & 2014 Supplement


Arizona Employment Law Handbook is an authoritative, comprehensive guide to the law governing private sector and public sector employment in Arizona.  Written and reviewed by over 65 top Arizona employment law attorneys, Arizona Employment Law analyzes cases, statutes, and regulations. You’ll find thorough, practical discussion of cutting-edge issues such as privacy rights within the workplace, wrongful discharge, restrictive covenants, and new causes of action and remedies for discrimination, as well as employment law basics such as wages and hours, employee benefits, occupational safety and health, workers’ compensation, and unemployment compensation. It also covers state and federal government employment, school districts, counties, cities, Indian tribes, Civil Rights Acts, ADEA, FMLA, military leave and veterans’ rights. An indispensable resource for private, public and corporate attorneys, personnel and affirmative action officers, and anyone else who needs to be knowledgeable about employment law in Arizona.



Thomas M. Rogers, Editor in Chief

Thomas D. Arn

J. Greg Coulter

John A. Doran

L. Eric Dowell

Nicholas Enoch

Jenne Sandy Forbes

N. Douglas Grimwood

Steven M. Guttell

Maureen Kane

Michael R. Petitti, Jr.

Michael R. Pruit

Otto S. Shill, III

Merle Joy Turchik




The Employer-Employee Relationship and Employment Contracts. 

History of Labor Law; At-Will Doctrine; Agents vs. Employees & Other Working Relationships; Independent Contractors; Restrictive Covenants & Trade Secrets Protection; Implied -in-Law Covenants; Director, Officer & Employee Indemnification; Arbitration; State Employment Legislation; Constructive Discharge; The Employment Contract


Traditional Labor Law. 

The National Labor Relations Act; Unfair Labor Practices & Regulation of Collective Bargaining; Union Representation; Preemption, Arbitration & Fair Representation; Railway Labor Act  


Employee Benefits. 

State Law & Employee Benefits; Payroll Practices; COBRA; Qualifying Events; Election; Applicable Premium; Maximum Duration of Coverage; Conversion Options vs. Continuation Coverage; Notice Requirements; ERISA; Preemption; Litigation; and more!  


Wage & Hour Law. 

Arizona Wage Law; Arizona`s Minimum Wage Law; Fair Labor Standards Act  


Government Employment. 

State Government Employment; Federal Government Employment; School District; Counties (Maricopa & Pima); Municipalities (Phoenix & Tucson; Indian Tribes; Presentation of Notice of claim and Service on the State, State Public Entities, and Public Employees


Employment Torts. 

Discharge in Violation of Public Policy; Tortious Interference with Contract; Employment At-Will Improper Conduct; Damages; Infliction of Emotional Distress; Exclusivity of Workers' Compensation Remedy; Defamation; Invasion of Privacy; Fraudulent & Negligent Misrepresentations/Inducement; Negligent Hiring or Supervision; Duties Owed to Co-Workers & Third Persons; Negligent Supervision/Retention; Failure to Disclose; Promissory Estoppel; State & Federal Whistleblower Protection; Burden of Proof; and more!  


Discrimination Law. 

Arizona Civil Rights Act; Local Discrimination Law; Federal Discrimination Law; Sec. 1981; Sec.1983; Title VII; ADEA; ADA; Rehabilitation Act of 1973; Equal Pay Act; Vietnam Era Veterans Assistance Act of 1974; Executive Order 11246; Attorneys' Fees  


Special Employee-Employer Interests. 

Arizona Division of Occupational Safety & Health; Employer Duties; Enforcement; Hearings & Appeals; Employee Rights; Truthfulness- Polygraph Examinations & Other Tests; Related Potential Common Law Causes of Action; Drug & Alcohol Testing; Immigration; Background Checks; Defamation & Blacklisting; Intentional Interference with a Contractual Relationship; Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification Act; Family & Medical Leave Act; Medical Certification and Other Notices; HIPAA; Exceptions to Leave Requirements; Prohibited Acts; Remedies; Enforcement; and more!  


Arizona Agency Practice. 

Civil Rights Division; Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; Unemployment Insurance; Workers` Compensation; EEOC Determinations; Issue Preclusion and Agency Decisions; Arizona Civil Rights Division Determinations; DES Determinations; Arizona Industrial Commission Determinations; Garnishments; and more!  


Employment Litigation. 

The Attorney-Client Relationship; Fee Agreements; Attorney-Client Communication; Conflicts of Interest; Removal; Remand; Discovery; Depositions; Interrogatories; Requests for Production; Interviews and ER 4.1; Motions for Summary Judgment (Rule 56); Motions in Limine; Voir Dire; Labor & Employment Jury Instructions; Forms of Verdict; Combining General Verdict & Interrogatories; Settlement; Releases in General; Enforceability of Releases; The Older Worker`s Benefit Protection Act; EEOC (ACRD) Negotiated Settlement; Consent Decrees; Fair Labor Standards Act; Authorization to Settle; Attorney`s Fees; Rule 80(d); Rule 68; After-Acquired Evidence; Class Actions; Taxation Issues in Employment Settlement Cases; and more!