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Arizona Divorce Procedure Checklist & Time Limits for Actions in Family Law Litigation: Concise at a glance reference tools formatted as charts and checklists

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Family Law


  • Divorce Process in Arizona - by Jessica Cotter
  • Time Limits for Actions and Procedures in Family Law Litigation in Arizona Superior Courts by Stanley D. Murray
    • Commencement of Action
    • Response to Petition
    • Motions Prior to Filing Response
    • Filing a Third-Party Complaint, Counterclaim and Cross-Claim
    • Filing Answer to Cross-Claim and Reply to Counterclaim
    • Default Procedures
    • Disclosure and Discovery Requirements
    • Post-Answer Motions and Procedures
    • Setting Case for Trial
    • Inactive/Dismissal Calendar
    • Other Procedures Prior to Trial Date
    • Post-Trial Motions and Proceedings
    • Appeals