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Arizona Creditor Debtor Law Symposium

Total Credits: 6.5 CLE

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Creditor/Debtor Law
Original Program Date:
Oct 20, 2022


The Second Arizona Creditors Rights Symposium offers a wealth of knowledge for bankruptcy and creditor rights practitioners, including an analysis of how to attack complex asset protection plans in bankruptcy, an update of bankruptcy law affecting creditors, fraudulent transfers and charging orders in bankruptcy, an examination of Arizona state law provisions for judgment enforcement, domestic and international debtor asset investigations, and insights into how and why debtors structure their asset protection plans. A "must attend" event for the serious bankruptcy or judgment enforcement practitioner.

  • Attacking The Complex Case In Bankruptcy 
  • Bankruptcy Update & Considerations  
  • Non-Bankruptcy Enforcement In Arizona 
  • The LLC Member In Bankruptcy 
  • Fraudulent Transfers In Bankruptcy 
  • Asset Investigations Domestic & Offshore 
  • View From The Debtor's Planner & Potpourri 
Jay Adkisson, Adkisson PLLC
Carl A. Berthold Jr, Adkisson Pitet LLP (Materials Editor)
Burke Files, Financial Examinations & Evaluations, Inc.
Paul Young, Chora Young LLP
Randy Nussbaum, Sacks Tierney PA
Jon Hultgren, Hammerman & Hultgren PC
Ike Devji JD, Pro Asset Protection
Jacob Sherrard, Attorney at Law