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Arizona Construction Law (Tom Horne), 2nd ed. 1994 & 2020 Cumulative Supplement

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Arizona CLE Books |  Construction Law
Thomas C Horne
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 If your clients include contractors and subcontractors, architects and engineers, developers, and lenders, you need the latest decisions affecting construction law in Arizona. And, there`s no better place to find them than in Arizona Construction Law. The first edition was a recognized standard within the industry for more than 18 years. More than 3000 copies were sold! Published in 1994, the Second Edition is destined to become the framework for Arizona construction law practice into the 21st century. Completely updated, reviewed for accuracy by experts in the construction law field . . . with helpful forms, a comprehensive table of authorities, and subject index. 

Chapter 1 -- General Problems of Contractors 

Definition of Contractor Substantial Performance Remedies on Breach Recovery of Attorneys` Fees Customs and Usages Implied Warranty of Good Workmanship Who Supplies Plans -- Effect on Liability Essential Elements of Contracts Formality Required for Contracts, Changes, Etc. General Principles of Interpretation Contractual Consequence of Government Agency Approval Governmental and Association Standards Cost-Plus Contracts and Provisions Extra Work Misrepresentations, Disclaimers, and Fraud Problems with Performance Insurance Coverage of Contractor’s Negligence Contractor’s Liability for Personal Injuries Resulting From Defective Work Prompt Payment. 

Chapter 2 -- Subcontracts 

Definition of Subcontractor Relationship to Contractor`s Bids Timing of Payment to Subcontractor Indemnification of Contractor by Subcontractor Termination of Subcontractor by Contractor. 

Chapter 3 -- Architects and Engineers 

Definitions of Architect and Engineer Liability Conclusiveness of Arbitration by Architect or Engineer Compensation Problems. 

Chapter 4 -- Owner's Liability: Liens 

Definitions and Purpose of Lien Construction of Lien Statutes Who Is Entitled to Liens Other Actions Against Owner in Addition to Lien, or Where There Is No Lien Statutory Agency Amount of Lien Specialized Kinds of Mechanics` Liens Area Covered by Liens Priority Time for Filing Lien After Completion of Structure Filing, Serving, and Foreclosing on the Lien Additional Statutory Provisions Waiver and Estoppel Application of Payments Effect of Bankruptcy Non-Arizona Authority Recovery of Attorneys` Fees. 

Chapter 5 -- Lender`s Liability: Equitable Liens 

Concept of Equitable Liens in General The Related Concept of Third-Party Beneficiary Application of Equitable Liens and Related Theories to Construction Contracts Negligent Misrepresentation by a Lender Lender’s Duty to Owner. 

Chapter 6 -- Surety's Liability: Bonds 

Construction of Bonds Relationship Between Bonds and Liens Types of Bonds Liability of Surety Coextensive With Principal Liability of Surety to Third Parties Liability of Surety for Labor and Materials Notice Provisions Limitations of Actions and Laches Measure of Damages Defenses of Surety Subrogation Indemnification of Surety Licensing of Company Issuing Bond. 

Chapter 7 -- Arbitration 

Arbitration in Construction Contracts Interpretation of Arbitration Clauses The Uniform Arbitration Act, A.R.S. Section 12-1501 et seq. Conclusiveness of Arbitration Waiver of Arbitration or of Objection to Arbitration 

Chapter 8 -- Government Contracts 

Sources of Law for Particular Situations Competitive Bidding and Formalities Requirements Progress Payments, Prompt Payments, and Retentions 5% Preference for Contractors Who Have Paid State and County Taxes-Unconstitutional Estoppel Procedure for Claims Against the Government Contracts With the Federal Government. 

Chapter 9 -- Licenses 

Regulation of Architects, Engineers, Etc. Regulation of Contractors Prohibition Against Suing for Compensation If One Had No License Contractors Recovery Fund. 


Table of Authorities