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A Conversation About the Dependency Alternative Program

Total Credits: 1.5 CLE

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Juvenile Law
Original Program Date:
Aug 16, 2022


DAP is an innovative differentiated court case management approach resulting from multi-system collaboration that identified gaps and solutions in the court and child welfare systems. This cost-saving, replicable program empowers and strengthens families and enhances access to justice using defined criteria. Self-represented litigants who tried to navigate the family and probate court processes had difficulty accessing the court in time to avoid the filing of a dependency petition. We recognized if the court were to provide accelerated access to the parent or family for legal alternatives to custody, we could dismiss dependency petitions before the preliminary protective hearing and prevent DCS or private dependency filings. Access to justice is enhanced for families by the opportunity to avoid involvement in a dependency case when family law or guardianship orders will keep children safe. Our goals were: (1) divert dependency cases in a protective manner while conserving time, money, and resources, and (2) provide a stable legal outcome by keeping the families who reach a legal resolution through DAP out of the child welfare system.

Ray S. Rivas, Director, Juvenile Division Pima County Clerk of Superior Court
Kasey Coughlin, Unit Supervisor, Adult Dependency Unit Legal Defender's Office
Jenny Zelt, Family, Drug Court Supervisor, Juvenile Division Pima County Superior Court
Stacey Brad, Director Child and Family Court Services, Juvenile Division Pima County Superior Court
Verne Hill,Office of Court Appointed Counsel Pima County
Jennie Hoekstra, FH/GH Investigations Supervisor Department of Child Safety
Carey Turner, Unit Chief Counsel, Acting Tucson PSS Arizona Attorney General's Office
Erica Forsch, Assistant Attorney, General Protective Services Section Office of the Attorney General
Kathleen Quigley, Judge, Pima County Superior Court, Juvenile



Overall:      4.8

Total Reviews: 8


Kenneth B

"The presentation was very informative. DAP appears to work very well to reduce cost, work, and stress on the families."

Angila G

"Found the program really interesting and am curious if it has been adopted in any other counties."

Tamera S

"Good overview of the DAP program and why"

Michael F

"I think the program was valuable in providing information regarding the DAP program. "

Justin F

"This is a newer topic in Maricopa County and so it was interesting to see how an out county has been doing it"