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2023 Advanced Family Law Seminar Manual

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Family Law


Powerful Tactics to Prepare Your Client to Undergo Psychological Evaluation

Trauma Self-Report

Description of Forensic Family Law Evaluator Role

Hypothetical Communication Screener

15 Tips for Attorneys Preparing Their Clients for Psychological Evaluation

Enforcement & Contempt: What You Need to Know to Effectively Enforce a Financial

Judgment or Parenting Time Order

Temporary Order Without Notice

UCCJEA Process for Registration of a Foreign Order for Enforcement

Eans-Snoderly v. Snoderly CA-CV 18-0447 FC

Rule 91. Modification or Enforcement of Judgment

Rule 91.5. Post-Judgment Petition for Enforcement of Legal Decision-Making or Parenting Time; Warrant to Take Physical Custody

Rule 92. Civil Contempt and Sanctions for Non-Compliance with a Court Order

Rule 94. Civil and Child Support Arrest Warrants

13-1302. Custodial Interference; child born out of wedlock; defenses; classification

13-2810. Interfering with judicial proceedings; classification

25-1060. Hearing and order

25-1061. Warrant to take physical custody of child

Pima County Consolidated Justice Court Introduction to Garnishment Earnings

Pima County Consolidated Justice Court Introduction to Garnishment Non-Earnings

Valuing and Apportioning Stock-Based Compensation and Other Incentive Compensation Plans – Methodologies, Tax Implications and Legal Considerations

Case Law and Legislative Updates

Injunction Junction…The intersection between the Preliminary Injunction & Estate Planning

            33-431. Grants and devises to two or more persons; estates in common; community property with right of survivorship; joint tenants with right of survivorship

14-2804. Termination of marriage; effect; revocation of probate and nonprobate transfers; federal law; definitions

It Takes Two – and Only Two – Postnuptial Agreements After Sowards