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2022 Advanced Family Law Seminar Manual

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Family Law


Case Law and Legislative Updates

Summary Decree Process - Summary Consent Decree Process for a Non-Covenant Marriage With or Without Children

Reimbursement Requests

Dividing Joint Tenancy Property in Divorce

Constructing an Effective Inventory of Property

Accessing the Online Community; How to Find New Case Law

How to Settle Difficult Cases

Making Mediation Work for You

Procedural Rules to Help Effectuate a Successful Mediation/ADR

Joint Scheduling Statement

Settlement Conference Checklist

 Judicial Panel: Fact Pattern

Form from Court for Returned Paperwork


Administrative Orders

ARS 25-319

Financial Affidavit

SB 1383

Smith v. Smith

Gish v. Greyson

J.F. v. Como

Petition to Amend Rule 77 and Adopt Rule 77.1 of Arizona Rules of Family

Law Procedure

Leathers v. Leathers

Unreported Cases

Rule 1006. Summaries to Prove Contents

Rule 44 and 44.1 Default Without Hearing

Court Ordered Behavioral Interventionist (“COBI”)

Reasonable Compensation