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Pamela L Kingsley


Tiffany & Bosco PA

Pamela Kingsley’s employment law expertise and the tools she has developed and unique perspective she has gained as a successful civil litigator enable her to represent a broad base of employer and employee clients, both proactively to avoid problems and in the trenches when disputes are unavoidable.  Pamela also writes briefs for and argues before state and federal appellate courts (prosecuting and defending) for client cases that Pamela has handled through trial and matters brought to her by other attorneys.


Pamela works with her employer and employee clients by providing counseling and advice for hiring (including the application process and background checks) and firing (without violating Title VII, the OWBPA, or the WARN Act).  It includes drafting and analyzing employment agreements for hiring, separation, termination, and severance; for trade secrets, intellectual property, and confidential information; and with restrictive covenants (non-competition and non-solicitation).  Pamela also drafts and explains policies based on the current law as to sexual harassment, oppressive conduct, discrimination (including pregnancy and LGBTQ+), disabilities (including accommodations), drug testing, medical marijuana, safety, work place violence, dress codes, and social media.  When those policies do not exist, are not enforced, or are violated, Pamela works with her clients to educate, defend, or prosecute under federal statutes (such as Title VII, FMLA, EPA, ADEA, GINA, and ADAAA) and state law (ACRA), including retaliation.

When it comes to unfair labor practices (including protected concerted activities), wage and hour matters, or issues with worker status (exemptions:  exempt or non-exempt; workers:  employee or independent contractor) and related pay issues (absences, deductions, solicitations, and record keeping), Pamela assists her employers in staying compliant with federal employment statutes (such as NLRA, FLSA, FMLA, and EPA), state employment statutes (such as AMWA and AEPA), rules, regulations, and other laws (such as retaliation). When disputes arise, she helps employers defend claims.  When workers suffer from unlawful employer practices or have whistleblower claims, or when employers are the victims of theft or embezzlement, Pamela aids them in seeking recourse and obtaining compensation.


Besides helping management with the adoption and implementation of policies, including employee handbooks and safety manuals, Pamela is ready when claims are made to take her individual employee and employer clients through the investigation phases, with or to the EEOC, DOL, NLRB, and court, when warranted.  When advisable, Pamela encourages the amicable resolution of disputes through negotiation and mediation.  Pamela regularly gives seminars for clients and helps them with implementing changes intended to avoid future employee-related claims and litigation.