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Kent Paul Volkmer

Pinal County Attorney

Pinal County Attorney's Office

- After starting out as an associate attorney in a small town general practice law firm located in Casa Grande, Kent Volkmer helped found a multi-partner law firm where he practiced in civil, criminal, dependency, divorce, juvenile, guardianship, mental health and probate matters. Feeling pulled to public service in 2016, he successfully challenged the incumbent and ran for the office of the Pinal County Attorney. Since taking office in January of 2017, Kent has helped lead Pinal County to a substantial reduction in the number of people placed in jail and sentenced to prison, while simultaneously seeing a dramatic, year over year, reduction in crime in his community. By assessing the person, not the crime, eliminating the one size fits all justice system mantra and ensuring the consequences are proportionate to the offense, the Pinal County Attorney’s Office, under the direction of Kent, has become a state leader in the fight to be smarter on crime. Additionally, Kent and his civil team have guided Pinal County through an unprecedented economic and population boom. With the county having attracted several billion dollars of economic investments and the office being tasked with helping to negotiate tens of billions of dollars in additional projects, the Pinal County Attorney’s Office has helped lead the County to a previously unseen level of economic prosperity. Through collaboration, ingenuity and hard work, Kent and his team have focused on making their community safer, stronger and sustainable. Currently, Kent Volkmer sits as a Council Member on the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council, as well as the Chairman of its Rules Committee. He is the appointed Vice Chairman on the Arizona Auto Theft Authority. Kent is an active member of the Arizona County Attorneys Association, where he acts as the Legislative Liaison for the group. He is also a current or former member of the following Arizona Supreme Court Committees: Post Conviction Actions Task Force, Juvenile Rules Task Force, Issuing Search Warrants Task Force and the Commission on Victims in the Courts. Having previously served as the President of the Arizona County Attorneys and Sheriffs Association and Pinal County Bar Association, he maintains an active presence in both. Further, Kent sits as Board Member for the Pinal County Law Enforcement Association and the 3rd Vice-President of the Arizona Association of Counties. Currently, Kent sits as the Pinal County Substance Abuse Coalition Co-Chair. When he is not busy with his professional commitments, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and three sons, as well as volunteering as the boys’ basketball coach.